MIFAB HydroMax - the new leaders in North American siphonic drainage

We are pleased to announce that from 18th January 2016, HydroMax™ is now being manufactured for supply to USA, Canada and Mexico by Mifab Inc. www.mifab.com .

This is a tremendous partnership which will drive forward with promotion and support of the Mifab HydroMax product offering.


If you are in need of HydroMax™ products or other assistance you can contact Hugh Hornsby (hhornsby@mifab.com ) who is the National Sales Manager or John Campbell (jcampbell@mifab.com ) who is the National Accounts Manager at Mifab.


We want to provide you with all the service you need so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you require anything at all.


Nothing has changed at all regarding access to the HydroTechnic™ analytical design calculation software so all user accounts that were established are still the same.


 The Mifab HydroMax™ products are in stock and can ship as soon as these are required for installation as per your designs.

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